esmi Oily Hair Shampoo 240ml

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esmi Oily Hair Shampoo 240ml


esmi Oily Hair Shampoo is a refreshing Sulphate free shampoo that will gently but deeply cleanse to balance oil production, remove debris and sweat build up without stripping your scalps natural moisture barrier.

Feed your hair and skin with ESMI BIOME™ – EB02 a biome blend of probiotic lysates specifically tailored to help balance oil production and prevent the overgrowth of bacteria to restore scalp and hair health.

Niacinamide balances scalp and sebum production, as well as improving hair health. Peppermint Extract will rebalance and enhance the appearance of oily hair, improving overall scalp health.

Best for Dandruff / Mild Seborrheic Dermatitis.



  • Balances oil production
  • Provides anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps increase scalps good bacteria for a healthy skin biome, gentle but deep cleansing
  • Assists with barrier strengthening, Antioxidant properties, Sulphate-free & colour safe formulation.


How to use

  • Apply Shampoo to your hand, and lightly lather with water.

  • Massage into wet hair for a few minutes to remove dirt and residue.
    Rinse thoroughly.

  • Repeat to cleanse hair and scalp. Follow with your favourite esmi Conditioner.




A biome blend of probiotic lysates specifically tailored to help with an oily, inflamed scalp and oily hair.


Improves the appearance of large pores and uneven skin tone for skin restoration and maintenance. Great for skin restoring and repairing problematic skin.


Rebalances and enhances the appearance of oily hair, improves overall scalp health.

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