Evis Blue Light Therapy

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Evis Blue Light Therapy

Are you looking to add a non invasive treatment to your salon?  LED is a safe neutral light within the light spectrum. You can offer your clients a safe and therapeutic treatment with excellent results, feeling slightly warm on the skin it is a relaxing and pleasant experience. Light has long been known to have health and anti ageing benefits. Did you know NASA investigated the use of LED light to speed up plant growth? Later research with cancer patients revealed that red LED light therapy regenerated skin tissue, boosted collagen production and improved the appearance of the skin.  LED is medically proven to be effective in addressing multiple skin problems.


Light gets at the core of what causes acne eruptions: P. acnes, the bacterial responsible for causing acne inflammation, pumps out tiny molecules called porphyrins. When those porphyrin are exposed to certain wavelengths of light, they produce free radicals that kill the bacteria. Without P. acnes around to cause inflammation, acne clears up.

Ideal for

What makes Evis LED light therapy different?  They are hand held so eliminates the cost of expensive large equipment.  Being portable enables it be available in every treatment room. 

How to use

The Evis LED Lights are a medical grade LED in a hand held unit with a timer that lets you know when to move to another area. The total treatment time is 18 minutes and the device shuts off. Evis is also far more powerful that many units available on the market ensuring a more effective treatment.

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