iDERMed Ice Rollers Large

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iDERMed Ice Rollers Large

Institut' iDERMed cold facial roller is the perfect accessory for every beauty room. 100% safe and non-evasive.  At home the ice roller can be used as a massager, on your face, neck and chest for a quick skin care pick me up, pain relief, minor injury or to overcome fatigue.


These gel filled stainless steel rolling head can be frozen in your freezer and used wherever you want to treat discomfort.

Ideal for

Resolves uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles and removes sun damaged for a smooth glowing complexion.

How to use

Use the ice roller after skincare treatments to minimise discomfort and redness following treatments such as dermal needling, laser, peel treatments, waxing etc An ice roller can also assist in the reduction of dark circles under the eyes, facial puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines it will also stimulate collagen, tighten skin and maximise absorption of beauty products.

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