Scruples 8G Gold - Blazing Color 118ml

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Scruples Blazing Highlighting Color System is designed to highlight up to 7 levels and deposit permanent haircolor on natural or tinted hair in a single process. This system contains five rich, permanent oxidation haircolors which provide 19 highlighting shade selections.

The Blazing Highlighting & Color System offers options from the coolest u1000 mla light blonde to pale vanilla blonde for light hair and offers options such as chestnut, caramel and warm reds for darker hair.Another advantage of Blazing Highlights is that this system can be used with any other permanent color line on the market.

This system is so unique that it highlights and deposits permanent hair color in a single step and can be applied on top of wet, processing hair color which saves the colorist a lot of time. This product is easy for colorists to use. Since it does not use greater than a 20 volume developer, clients are never left with over-lightened hair.

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Scruples 8G Gold - Blazing Color 118ml