CUCCIO Powder Polish Treatment Step 1. Primer 14ml

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CUCCIO Powder Polish Treatment Step 1. Primer 14ml



  • STRENGTH – Cuccio dip system produces a significantly stronger, harder-wearing finish than gel polish.
  • ODOURLESS – no odour as this system uses specially-formulated adhesive rather than acrylic monomer.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – the system delivers a natural-looking, thin result with all the strength and benefits of acrylics.
  • COLOUR – Cuccio Dipping Powders are available in a selection of vibrant, highly-pigmented colours including bright tones, pastels, glitters, French manicure and natural clear and pink.
  • PERSONALISATION – all dipping powders can be combined to create hundreds of shades to please every client.
  • VERSATILE – this system can be easily applied to both natural nails and short nail tips.
  • EASY TO APPLY – the entire system is extremely simple to use.
  • SPEED – a full set can be applied in approximately 20-25 minutes meaning more sets can be applied in a working day, which means more profit for you!


How to use

Step by Step: Solid Colour on Natural Nails or Nail Tips

  • Step 1: Cleanse both your own hands and your client’s hands with antibacterial cleanser.
  • Step 2: Prepare the nails: gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher and file and buff the shine from the natural nail using a white sanding block, a 180 grit file or an electric file. Remove debris from the nail plate using a dry nail brush.

If using the system on a natural nail, skip to Step 5.

  • Step 3: Trim and shape the natural nails. Select a nail tip that best matches the shape and style of the natural nail (please note, as the product does not have the flexibility of hard gels or acrylics, it is advised that nail tips are kept to a short/medium length). To adhere the tip, apply a small amount of glue to the tip well and, holding the tip at a 45° angle, press the tip well to the nail’s free edge.
  • Step 4: Gently blend the tip to the natural nail and remove shine with a 180 grit file. Use a nail cutter to cut the nail tips to the desired length and file the free edge to the desired shape.
  • Step 5: Apply Step1: Primer and allow to dry for a few seconds.
  • Step 6: Brush Step 2 & 4: Base & Top Gel onto the entire nail bed and dip into your choice of Powder Polish Dipping Powder tapping off the excess powder.
  • Step 7: Apply Step 3: Layering Gel to the entire nail bed and re-dip into the same powder. Tap off the excess.
  • Step 8: Repeat Step 10 for an additional layer if a deeper colour is desired.
  • Step 9: Apply Step 3: Layering Gel and dip into Clear Powder Polish.
  • Step 10: Apply Step 2 & 4: Base & Top Gel and allow to dry for a few seconds.
  • Step 11: Brush on Step 5: Gel Activator .
  • Step 12: File the nail using a 180 grit file or and electric file and buff with a white sanding block.
  • Apply Step 7: Cuticle Oil to finish.




14ml glass bottle

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